2017 National Volunteer Week

By: Samhari Stanley, ACS Volunteer

Every day the growing community of Fort Gordon proves it is truly a community that works together. On a national scale, there are millions of volunteers who dedicate millions of hours to causes everywhere. Fort Gordon is fortunate to have volunteer numbers in the thousands!  Our volunteers cover a range of services and programs we all benefit from, which continually keeps our installation strong.

I had the pleasure of interviewing the Army Volunteer Corps on Fort Gordon under Army Community Services, Ms. Lynn Harshman, about volunteers and the value of their service; in honor of the 2017 National Volunteer Week (April 23rd through April 29th).

  1. What is the role volunteers play in the Army Volunteer Corps?

Those who volunteer their time, talents, and energy in support of programs and services in their community serve to validate the relevancy and need for such programs and services. 

  1. How do these volunteers benefit Fort Gordon?

They turn our installation into a true community.  Most volunteer positions support a quality of life program that focuses on the well-being of our military families.

  1. Why is it important to recognize our volunteers?

There are several reasons.  Due to the fact that our volunteers strive to be professionals in the workplace, seldom can the average customer/client tell the difference between them and a paid employee.  I believe that needs to be pointed out from time to time.  Expressing appreciation is imperative.  Saying “Thank You” is as basic as it comes.  Who doesn’t like to hear “Thank you, we’re so glad that you came.” 

Every unit, agency, and organization is encouraged to select their Top Volunteer.  Fort Gordon’s theme for the 2017 National Volunteer Week is “Service Unites”.  The Annual Appreciation Event for all Fort Gordon volunteers will be held on April 28, 1-3pm, South Wing, Gordon Conference & Catering.  Units/Agencies/Organizations are invited to host a Spirit Table during the event to express appreciation and/or recognition to their volunteers.

  1. What makes you passionate about the job that you do?

I truly believe that one person can, and always does, make a difference.  When you interact with people who want to be where they are, doing what they want to do, feeling good about themselves, and connecting with other groups throughout their community—what’s not to love?

  1. What is your favorite quote on volunteering/service?

I love the Starfish Story!  It is true, one person can make a difference.  Kind of like one spark creating a forest fire.  Be that spark, be that difference!




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