Hearts Apart Program

By: Alex Clasen, Relocation Assistant

Hearts Apart is an ACS program targeted to “waiting” spouses and families. Of course, this is a bit of a modern day misnomer. One might say the very definition of a military spouse is constantly waiting (for orders, childcare or just one moment of peace and quiet). At the same time, in perfect contradiction, we are anything but waiting. As one soldier who visited our office put it, “If anyone understands the definition of ‘hurry up and wait’ its a military spouse!

Military spouses make sure meals are prepared, people are fed, kids are alive, the house keeps all four walls, and the car still runs. We work, volunteer, and maintain: vehicles, houses, lawns, gardens, appliances, family and friendships. All requiring our attention in order to continue functioning properly. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and holidays. We do all of this while our service member is away. We are the fierce INdependents that ensure those who are serving our country have a welcoming home to return to. And while we may take great pride in our efforts, we know it is not the easiest life to maintain – this is where Hearts Apart comes in.

The Hearts Apart program will not only help you meet others while immersed in activity, but helps you network with those in a similar situation. You will be introduced to a wealth of information and unique opportunities available. This is also a chance to take your mind off of home responsibilities for a while. Although we wish we could alleviate all of the burdens and frustrations that come with having a service member away from home, we can listen, empower, and equip you to meet life’s challenges – and the unique challenges you face as a military family head on.

Whether you are currently in this situation or may be soon, we hope you consider stopping by one of our monthly gatherings. We plan to offer several fun-filled activities in the new year based on the feedback we’ve received from our recent survey. Suggestions are always welcome!

Of course, not everyone struggles while their service member is away. Some families are well-seasoned pro’s at this life and can send their loved one away at the drop of a hat (or orders, in this case) welcoming them back almost seamlessly. However, we still welcome and encourage all to join us! You may not need help at this time, but with resources constantly changing, it’s never a bad idea to stay connected.

To receive more information regarding Hearts Apart or to join us, please contact Alex Clasen at alexandra.k.clasen.ctr@mail.mil or call 706-791-1922. You can also find information on each month’s topic and activities on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/fortgordonacs.

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