A Thin Line of Many Colors

For our freedom they stand,
A thin line of many colors,
On the home front,
And across the sea,
In times of peace and times of war,
Alike in all their diversity.

They are human,
With its strengths and frailties,
Of flesh and bone, heart and mind,
They pledge their lives,
To our country’s service,
But it is for the people,
They serve and protect.

Their courage and sacrifice,
Are our forgotten stories,
And our remembered glory.
With their blood, sweat and tears,
They pay for our freedom,
And our lives lived in peace.

This is dedicated to Anna Gaillard (1961-2014), a member of the MWR family, who gave so much of herself while proudly supporting the service members of Fort Gordon for six years. And to all the men and women of the military and public safety who have, are and will serve and sacrifice so much, and to their families who live that life along with them…Thank you.

About Jenifer Chrisman

Jenifer joined the MWR Marketing team in 2011 as graphic designer. In 2014, she went back to her roots when she joined the Fort Gordon FYI Magazine team as a writer, along with her designer duties. As of 2015, she has created a series of briefs about the history, culture and traditions of the military called Culture.Mil, as well as writing various other pieces, including her favorite ... A Thin Line Of Many Colors.


  1. Jennifer , I was in AIT at FT. Gordon in 1985, do u know of a way I can get information on Brems Barracks? My MOS was 31 Charlie (Single Channel Radio Operator). Brems Barracks was known as The Fort within The Fort with Barb wire fencing all around the perimeter of our old Quanson Huts. Our Company was Alpha Company and my Cadre Sargeant was SFC Earl B. Massey. We were there 15 weeks and one day. It was extremely hard, made Basic Training at Ft. Jackson look like a walk in the park. It was very memorable. Thx Thomas Viljac

  2. Thank you for the wonderful article about Clark. I knew him as a child growing up as he was my best friend’s older brother.

    We must never forget the bravery of these young men. Thanks to your article, we won’t. Thank you.

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