Through quality customer service, DFMWR employees are dedicated to providing professionally managed and diversified programs based on the overall needs and desires of the community we serve.

Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation

Craig LarsenCraig Larsen – Family & MWR Director
Building 28320, Lane Ave.
Fort Gordon, Georgia 30905
Telephone: 706-791-6491 • Fax: 706-791-2486

Position Staff Phone
Management Assistant Misty Reynolds 706-791-6491
Admin Support Assistant Heather Linnell 706-791-4140
FMWR Food & Beverage Director Michelle Bitetti 706-791-5930

Army Community Services

Vanessa Stanley
Vanessa Stanley – Chief, ACS
Telephone: 706-791-3579 • Fax: 706-791-7880 • Toll-Free: 877-310-5741

Program Staff Phone
Information Latonya Hudson
Rosa Pryor
Family Advocacy James Jenkins 706-791-3579
Mobilization and Deployment Takisha Benitez 706-791-1053
Financial Readiness, AER Melissa Smith 706-791-0844
Relocation Readiness Lanny Valentine, Director
Alex Clasen, Assistant
Army Volunteer Corps Lynn Harshman, Coordinator 706-791-3880
Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Dr. Barbara Brown
Pamela Rachal
Grace Bagley
Information Referral & Follow-up Natasha Washington 706-791-0794
Victim Advocate Veeola Peters
Betty Ward
Employment Readiness Program Sharell Byrd 706-791-0795
Army Family Team Building / Army Family Action Plan 706-791-3579
FAP Troop training Frances Maxwell 706-791-6967
New Parent Support / Parenting Classes Ambili Alamery 706-791-5220
Survivor Outreach Services Kara Kennedy
Jolane (Jo) Williams


Business Operations Division

Brandi Grubb – Chief, BOD
Telephone: 706-791-3722/2555

Program Staff Phone
BOD Ivri Connolly, Management Assistant 706-791-3722
Bingo Palace
Jackpot Café
Alicia Hill, Business Manager
Siretta Lee, Assistant Manager
Gordon Lanes Bowling Center
Kegler’s Café
Heroes Sports Bar
Djuana Francois, Acting Business Manager 706-791-3446/8661
MWR Café (at Darling Hall)
Towers Café (at Signal Towers)
Alternate Escapes Café
Rhonda Stockton, Food & Beverage Director
Wanda Joiner, Assistant Business Manager
Alternate Escapes Recreation Center Rhonda Stockton, Food & Beverage Director 706-791-0785
Gordon Lakes Golf Club
Gordon Lakes Pro Shop
Bogey’s Grill
Gary Groff, PGA Pro Golf Manager
Troy Harvey, Greens Manager
Gordon’s Conference & Catering Samantha Caniglia, Caterer
Antonio Kearse, Chef


Child & Youth Services

Angela Davis – Coordinator, CYS
Telephone: 706-791-6494 • Fax: 706-791-8381

Position Staff Phone
Base Ops Bldg 44401 44th Street
CYS Coordinator (Chief) Main Office Angela Davis 706-791-6494
CYS Administrator Valerie Griffin 706-791-7343
CYS Administrative Assistant Katrina Chapman 706-791-6494
CYS Administrative Assistant Chaundra Rowe 706-791-6498
CYS Program Operations Specialist Denise Wiseman-Niblack 706-791-7346
CYS Nurse Vanessa Graham 706-791-5901
CYS Nurse Carolyn Walden 706-791-7062
CYS Nutritionist Edna Harris-Davis 706-791-7322
FCC Bldg 44401, 44th Street
FCC Director LaShonda Phillips 706-791-3993
FCC Administrative Assistant Open 706-791-4440
FCC Training And Curriculum Specialist Open 706-791-4440
Main CDC Bldg 45300, 45th Street
CDC Main Facility Director Melissa Wesley 706-791-7568
CDC Main Assistant Facility Director Open 706-791-5601
CDC Main Assistant Facility Director Karen Murach 706-791-5601
CDC Main Supervisory Lead Betty Howard 706-791-5601
CDC Main Supervisory Lead Rashida Jenkins 706-791-5601
CDC Main Administrative Assistant Esther Stadnyk 706-791-2701
CDC Main Administrative Assistant Samantha Thompson 706-791-6761
CDC Main Training And Curriculum Specialist Dianne Steele 706-791-4120
CDC Main Training And Curriculum Specialist Betty Exume 706-791-4120
Pre-K Annex Bldg 45400, 46th Street
Pre-K Director Josephine Lee 706-791-1398
Pre-K Assistant Director/Trainer Melissa Burney 706-791-1398
Pre-K Administrative Assistant Jaeda Adams 706-791-1306
Pre-K Administrative Assistant Tokoma Craig 706-791-1306
Pre-K Training and Curriculum Specialist Betty Exume 706-791-1306
East CDC Bldg 290, E. Hospital Rd
CDC East Director Amanda Welch 706-791-8021
CDC East Assistant Director Christina LoBianco 706-791-8029
CDC East Assistant Director Open 706-791-8029
CDC East Supervisory Lead Tonya Knight-Adams 790-791-8507
CDC East Administrative Assistant Shenella Whitby 706-791-8707
CDC East Administrative Assistant Courtney Oates 706-791-8507
CDC East Training And Curriculum Specialist Carrie Bradke 706-791-8573
School Age Center Bldg 45410, 46th Street
SAC Facility Director Corey Dwyer 706-791-5127
SAC Assistant Facility Director Stacy Joy 706-791-5127
SAC Administrative Assistant Patricia Sonnier 706-791-7575
SAC Administrative Assistant Nora Amon 706-791-7575
SAC Youth Tech Lab Kimberly Shehan 706-791-7575
SAC Training And Curriculum Specialist John Pittman 706-791-5205
Middle School & Teens Bldg 41503, Brainard Ave
YC Facility Director Selena Doctor-Smith 706-791-4446
YC Assistant Director Brenda Duncan 706-791-4446
YC Administrative Assistant Teresita DeLaCruz 706-791-6500
YC Supervisory Lead Open 706-791-6500
YC Youth Tech Lab Rhonda Stacy 706-791-6500
YC Training And Program Specialist John Pittman 706-791-6500
Youth Sports & Fitness Bldg 41503, Brainard Ave
Youth Sports & Fitness Director (Interim) Gerard Arnett 706-791-5104
Youth Sports & Fitness Assistant Director Gerard Arnett 706-791-5104
Parent Outreach Services Bldg 44401, 44th Street
Outreach Services Director Connie Preston 706-791-1305
Parent Outreach Services Admin (Front Desk) Jeada Adams 706-791-4722
Parent Outreach Services Admin Michelle Paris 706-791-4722
Parent Outreach Services Admin Shelly Wolford 706-791-4455
Parent Outreach Services Admin Monica Allen 706-791-4722
Specialist Bldg 44401 44th Street
Functional Technology Specialist Yun French 706-791-2049
School Liaison Officer (Rich/Col/Aiken Cty) Melissa Barrickman 706-791-7270
School Liaison Officer (Rich/Col/Aiken Cty) Cynthia Bishop 706-791-4168
SKIESUnlimited Director Gerard Arnett (Interim) 706-791-5104


Recreation Division

Larry Coggins
Larry Coggins – Chief, RD
Telephone: 706-791-4300 • Fax: 706-791-5726

Program Staff Phone
Recreation Admin Karen Shields, Management Assistant 706-791-4300
Aquatics Tamara Moser, Director 706-791-3034
BOSS Jerry Swain, Civilian Advisor 706-791-6433
Fort Gordon Disc Golf Course Jerry Swain, Coordinator 706-791-6433
Dog Park Jerry Swain, Coordinator 706-791-6433
Fort Gordon Dinner Theatre and Entertainment Program
Box Office
Dan Posey, Director 706-791-4389
Fort Gordon Outdoor Recreation Fred Perry, Director 706-791-3317
Gordon Car Care & Auto Skills Center Glenn Gadson, Director 706-791-2390
Hilltop Riding Stable Heidi Mohr, Director 706-791-4864
Pointes West Army Resort Derek Hagelthorn, Director 706-541-0338
Special Events Coordinator Danielle Hayes 706-791-2921
Warrior Adventure Quest (WAQ) Lorrie Chadd, Outdoor Recreation Specialist 706-791-2556
Woodworth Consolidated Library Yadira Payne, Director 706-791-7323
Fitness Centers
Cyber Fitness Center (Gym 5) Crystal Langston, Assistant Director
Randy Taylor, Director
Gordon Fitness Center John Graham, Assistant Director
Randy Taylor, Director
Victory Fitness Center (Gym 3) Josh Woody, Director 706-791-2864
Nelson Fitness Center (Gym 6) John Graham, Assistant Director
Randy Taylor, Director
MWR Sports Neil Smith, Director 706-791-1142
Unit & Soldier Sports Neil Smith, Coordinator 706-791-1142
Sports Equipment Neil Smith 706-791-7857


Support Services Division

Tiffany Olds – Chief, SSD
Telephone: 706-791-2012 • Fax: 706-791-5615

Program Staff Phone
SSD Admin Ofelia Espiritu, Management Assistant 706-791-2012
IT / Management Information Systems (MIS) Tim Anderson, Chief 706-791-3452
Financial Management Division (FMD) Sharelle Booher, Chief 706-791-0798
Fort Gordon Recycling Jean Kelly, Director 706-791-0319
Commercial Sponsorship and Advertising Cathy Shaw, Director 706-791-3912
Technical Support Services (TSS) Mike Sarber, Chief 706-791-2887
Marketing Heather Addis, Chief 706-791-8692
Private Organizations Pat Camacho 706-791-2611