1. Yes ma’am if you are going to be working at the PX they should have a process to get your pass.

  1. How long is the AIE card valid for or does it expire? Are vendors that work at the main Px able to apply for an AIE card?

    1. The AIE card is only a year long and then you will need to reapply for the card. Vendors at the PX should have a pass through the PX but they are also eligible to receive an AIE card.

  2. How long does it take to know the status once the completed form & ID’s is uploaded? It’s been three weeks and nothing.

    1. Once the form is submitted it can take several weeks to be vetted and processed. You will be contacted once your AIE card is available for pick up.

      1. What if checking the status of the of the upload (several weeks) and it haven’t been downloaded by the recipient?

        1. You will want to contact the recipient to remind them that you are awaiting approval on your AIE card.

  3. I’m also in the same situation, I submitted my form online over a month ago, also I didn’t have any of the GOVREP boxes completed because it said for contractors only, is this ok.

    1. You would want to contact the person you submitted the form to and remind them that you are awaiting information on the status of the form. Security is experiencing a back log as many people have been applying for the AIE card.

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