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FYI Magazine – Winter 2019

Having trouble viewing the magazine? Click Here to read it on It’s our 20th Anniversary Edition – hence the gold writing! We wanted this cover to represent what we hope to move towards in 2019 – Empowerment, Unity and Strength! We are empowering our readers to be strong while finding unity in the community! […]

Bingo Palace Mother’s Day Spa Giveaway

Bingo Palace is having a Spa Giveaway! All winners, 27 April – 10 May, during floor games, free games, and regular program will receive an entry into the drawing. The drawing will be held on 10 May at 9:00pm and you must be present to win. Winner will receive a Spa Package. For more information, please call […]

FYI Magazine – Spring 2018

Having trouble viewing the magazine? Click Here to read it on You should always be able to count on family. Family has multiple meanings and doesn’t always include “blood” relatives only. This cover represents that while you don’t always get to pick your family, regardless of how big or small, political views or religion, […]

Healthier You: Why Wait?

By: John Graham, Assistant Fitness Director What is your New Year’s resolution? Every year, people make plans to change an undesired behavior, accomplish a personal goal, or improve their life in some capacity.  For many individuals these resolutions revolve around eating healthier or spending more time in the gym in hopes to gain the “beach […]

Hearts Apart Program

By: Alex Clasen, Relocation Assistant Hearts Apart is an ACS program targeted to “waiting” spouses and families. Of course, this is a bit of a modern day misnomer. One might say the very definition of a military spouse is constantly waiting (for orders, childcare or just one moment of peace and quiet). At the same […]

FYI Magazine – Fall 2017

Having trouble viewing the magazine? Click Here to read it on There are several holidays to celebrate during the fall season – Columbus Day, Halloween, Veterans’ Day, Thanksgiving and Kwanzaa to name a few. The cover reminds us that we don’t need a reason or a specific holiday to celebrate family! Happy Holidays and […]

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