Cauliflower King: Why cauliflower is the best!

Many people don’t like to eat their veggies! While you may think its kids more than adults, you’d be surprised to know how many adults won’t. But, what if you could trick your family into eating them? Brassica oleracea or cauliflower is not technically a vegetable, but a type of flower.  It does not have […]

Artichokes Are No Joke!

Artichokes! We have all seen them in the produce aisle and wondered to ourselves, “Who was the first person to eat that?”  They look like giant green flower buds!  However, don’t let their looks fool you; this deceptive little vegetable can be great tasting.  Although their preparation is a little involved, the delicious reward is worth […]

Local Valentine’s Day Plans

I always have champagne and gravlax in the refrigerator, because you never know when you’re going to have a reason to celebrate – Marcus Samuelsson There is a reason to celebrate the love you have with your significant other coming up in just a few short days. Valentine’s Day is named for a Christian Martyr […]

Healthy Eating Alternatives

Healthy Eating Alternatives

Eating healthy can be difficult and healthy eating alternatives don’t always sound delicious.  We all have busy schedules; kids jobs and everything else that requires our attention.  It is sometimes just simpler to grab fast food or make less than ideal, but easier options for meals. I am someone who enjoys eating all the things […]

Foodie Fridays: MLK, Jr. Favorite Foods

When you hear the name Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., it brings to mind images of the March on Washington and his infamous speech on the courthouse steps.  To me, he was one of the greatest civil rights activists this world had ever seen; ensuring his name and legacy fill the history books.  Monday, January […]

Foodie Fridays: Buffalo Chicken Dip

If your significant other is anything like mine, he or she likes to spring last minute requests on you.  These may include paperwork, parties, appointments, or in my husband’s case, last minute requests to make food for a work function.  These sorts of requests often mean that it needs to fulfill some criteria: 1. It […]