Lockheed F-117

“Congratulations. You got the Black Jet you asked for. Learn to be comfortable with the night.” – “The Porch” Personnel (early 1998) Appearing more like something from a sci-fi movie, the Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk was the first U.S. top-secret stealth technology warplane. And despite its “F” (“Fighter”) designation, it had no aircraft-to-aircraft engagement capability; it […]

The Grey Beret

With their storm-colored (grey) berets and nearly two years of required specialized training, the Air Force’s Special Operations Weather Team (SOWT) are the commando forecasters for the Department of Defense. Pronounced sow-tee, they are among the first on the ground at some of the most hostile places around the globe, collecting environmental data ahead of […]

Breaking the Sound Barrier

The morning of Tuesday, October 14, 1947, dawned bright and beautiful over the Muroc Dry Lake, a large expanse of flat, hard lake bed in the Mojave Desert in California. Beginning at 6:00 a.m., teams of engineers and technicians at the Muroc Army Air Field readied a small rocket-powered airplane for flight. Painted orange, and […]

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