Sergeant Stubby: Hero Dog of WWI – A Brave Stray

Stemming from a rich tradition dating back centuries, military trained dogs and their training schools were in place among many of the countries that became involved in World War I prior to the conflict. The United States was not among them. Pedigreed dogs, such as Jack Russell terriers (rat chasers), Siberian huskies (transport), Airedale terriers […]

Gender Integration Implementation

“We’re not going to turn our back on 50 percent of the population. We are opening up every occupation to women.” –  Acting Secretary of the Army Patrick J. Murphy On March 10, 2016, the Army publicized the Secretary of Defense’s December 3, 2015, decision to integrate women into all occupational specialties based on individual […]

Famous Soldiers

From actors to presidents, scientists to athletes, politicians to authors, they all had one thing in common…at one point or another in their lives they were United States Soldiers. Some were famous before they joined. Some began to distinguish themselves during their service. And others became notable after. The Army’s list of notables is…extensive, taking […]

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