Healthier You: Why Wait?

By: John Graham, Assistant Fitness Director What is your New Year’s resolution? Every year, people make plans to change an undesired behavior, accomplish a personal goal, or improve their life in some capacity.  For many individuals these resolutions revolve around eating healthier or spending more time in the gym in hopes to gain the “beach […]

Colorectal Cancer Awareness

By Cris Hightower, RN-CCM, DDEAMC Hematology-Oncology Clinic March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness month. Colorectal Cancer continues to be the 3rd leading cause of cancer related deaths among both men and women.  Colorectal cancer is categorized by an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells originating in the lower end of the digestive tract (colon and / […]

SMART Resolutions

Another year has come and it’s going, going…almost gone. For many that means coming up with a New Year’s resolution or dusting off an old one tried in previous years and not successfully completed. According to Statistic Brain (, only eight percent of people who made New Year’s resolutions in 2013 successfully achieved their goal. […]

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