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Marines: Tootsie Rolls

“You heard me. We need Tootsie Rolls dropped ASAP!” – Radio Operator requesting supplies Late 1950, surrounded by approximately 200,000 Chinese and North Korean troops in the Chosin Reservoir, North Korea, approximately 10,000 Marines from the 1st Marine Division were in imminent danger and unable to move out of an untenable position. With temperatures dropping […]

Craft Corner: Citronella Candles

Nothing says sweet summer time than mosquitos! Instead of purchasing citronella candles to keep the pesky bugs away, create your own using ceramic bowls to add some flair to your outdoor living space.   Materials: Soy Wax Microwave-safe bowl Yellow liquid candle dye Citronella oil Wick and wick clip Pliers Scissors Craft stick Ceramic bowl […]

Literary Minute – Everything, Everything

“I read once that, on average, we replace the majority of our cells every seven years. Even more amazing: we change the upper layers of our skin every two weeks. If all the cells in our body did this, we’d be immortal. But some of our cells, like the ones in our brains, don’t renew. […]

Literary Minute – Something in the Water

“Could the life of your dreams be the stuff of nightmares?” Catherine Steadman jumps in headfirst with “Something in the Water”, a thrilling suspense novel about high stakes crime, betrayal, love and murder. The book starts off by introducing Erin, who is a documentary filmmaker in the middle of a documentary about prisoners and their […]

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