A Time of Transition: Moving Beyond 1968

The Gates Commission was the deciding factor in removing the draft from the Army recruitment process. Gates was quoted as saying “The cost of an all-volunteer force was “a necessary price of defending our peace and security [and that conscription was] . . . intolerable when there is an alternative consistent with our basic national […]

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Above the Call of Duty

The Golden Order of Mercury is awarded to any Signal Soldier who has died while deployed to or as a direct result of injuries or illness sustained in a Global War on Terror (GWOT) Theater. Two days after Christmas, 2013, Brian Addis – the current 2-377th PFAR S6 NCOIC – boarded a plane to Omaha, Nebraska, with the Golden Order of Mercury in hand.


CSM Herbert E. Parrish

A few things about CSM Herbert E. Parrish (RET.) to keep in mind while you are reading his story: Parrish became a Command Sergeant Major at the age of 37; his family mean the world to him – he takes his responsibilities as provider very seriously; he probably doesn’t even realize quite what a fantastic role model he is; not only to his family, but to others whose lives have been touched by this very funny and charming man.

SGT Nancy Sanchez

My Hero – Lieutenant Colonel Nancy Sanchez

When you meet someone you admire greatly, it is only natural to want to show them off to others, which is how I feel about Nancy Sanchez. A retired Lieutenant Colonel, Nancy was unable to join the other members of the Women’s Veterans Club of the CSRA when we all met for the November feature […]