Dominos Extra Dough 2019

MSG Keith Doney

MSG Doney has made the transition from Finger Lakes, upstate New York, to Augusta, Georgia, with a few detours along the way. Currently the Senior Retention Operations Non-Commissioned Officer at Fort Gordon, Doney started out in a most unlikely career field prior to enlisting with the Army—as a dog groomer and kennel master in California. […]


Deployments and Hardship Tours: Betty Johnson

“Hardship tours” and “deployments” are never words an Army wife wants to hear. However, these are words that I have heard for the last fifteen years. During this time, we have seen three Korean hardships tours – each one was a yearlong – in addition to one 12-month deployment, one 13-month deployment and one 15-month […]

Separation during Marriage: Larry Johnson

Separation: Our marriage and relationship has endured numerous separations due the PCS’s and deployments over the last 12 years of my career. Betty and I married in November 2001 and, shortly after, we encountered our first separation when I went to Korea. Once arriving here at Fort Gordon in the spring of 2003, my unit […]

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