Foodie Friday – Mini Portobello Burgers

The season of cookouts and grill parties is here!  We all love a good grilled burger, but maybe you are trying to watch your figure or you aren’t feeling the juicy goodness that is a well grill steakburger.  Mushroom burgers are a great, “meaty” alternative to actual meat.  Portobellos are the mushrooms of choice for […]

National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

It seems like “national days of celebration” pop up every day. Days like National Puppy Day on March 23rd or my personal favorite, National Napping Day on March 12th, are just some of the examples of the crazy days celebrated. One day in particular, however sticks out and should be celebrated by many. National Adopt […]

Foodie Friday: The Augusta Market

Spring has arrived!  Ok, maybe Georgia can’t make up it’s mind and we are all still feeling frozen, but that won’t stop us!  The Augusta Market (TAM) erected their tents Saturday, March 17, for all to come and enjoy the slightly soggy weather.  This farmer’s market includes delicious produce, as well as, artisans and crafts workers […]

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