Dominos Delivery 2019

Caring for Your Superhero

A superhero is defined as a fictional character with superhuman powers. This definition makes it seem impossible to be real, right? Words like fictional, superhuman, powers could never be real. Break the word superhero apart: super and hero – making those definitions, in fact, attainable. Super is defined as very good, pleasant or excellent. Hero […]

End of Year Test-Taking Tips

By: Melissa Barrickman, CYS School Liaison Officer There are a number of ways that you can maximize your child’s learning capabilities throughout the school year, which can lead to confident test-taking. Some of these strategies include: Assisting your child with homework and ensuring that your child is completing all homework assignments Helping your child to develop good […]

Extended Hours Care CDC & SAC Survey

The purpose of this Child, Youth and School (CYS) Services Extended Hours Care survey is to gather information from CYS Services Patrons that will assist Garrisons in determining the need for extended hours care at the Child Development Centers (CDC) and School Age Centers (SAC). Survey ends April 20, 2016. Continue to the Survey

Army Fee Assistance (AFA) Programs

Army Fee Assistance (AFA) is an initiative that assists eligible Army Families to reduce the cost of off-post child care when on-post options are not available or accessible. Who is eligible to receive AFA? Active Duty Army Department of the Army Civilians Active Army Reserves Active Army National Guard What does AFA help Families pay […]

CYSS Summer Camp 2015

DATES OF REGISTRATION April 13-17, 2015: In-House-Registration (Children currently enrolled in the CYS Services Before & After School Programs) April 13, 2015: Community Community Waiting List Applications (DoD Civilians, Fort Gordon DoD Contractors, and all eligible patrons who ARE NOT currently enrolled in CYS Services Before & After School Programs). Summer Camp Waiting List Applications […]