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Changes to Recycling Program

In an effort to provide the most efficient recycling program for Fort Gordon residents, Balfour Beatty Communities will be taking over household recycling effective 1 October 2017. Over the coming weeks and months, strides will be taken to ensure a seamless transition as to not interrupt the current service. As the transition moves forward, we encourage residents to share ideas and suggestions as you are our number one priority. Working together, we hope to increase recycling and reduce waste which will make a significant environmental impact. Specific details about the new recycling service will be forthcoming to all residents soon. Thank you in advance for your ideas, cooperation and support.


As of today, Balfour Beatty Communities through their contract, is responsible for the household recycling pick up. Pickup has been implemented in all previously serviced areas and Gordon Terrace will be added beginning 1 January 2018. Fort Gordon Recycling will continue to work the recycling needs of the rest of this installation.


    1. Thank you ma’am, we will let the Recycling Program know that they are experiencing some issues with their phone line.

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