Community Advisory: Pointes West Marina – Boat Evacuation Operations

Pointes West Boat owners, with slips on docks B (Slip numbers 1 thru 51) or C (Slip numbers 100 thru 110), are requested to call the Pointes West Marina at 706-541-1057 to set up times to retrieve their boats.  All boat towing is subject to weather. Pointes West Army Resort’s normal hours of operation are 10am to 6pm daily.

Boat owners are asked to bring their own tow vehicle, boat trailer, boat registration, and a form of official photo identification.  All boats should be towed from the Marina by vendors approved by your insurance.  Please contact your insurance for a boat removal “approved vendor.”  Pointes West staff must take pictures of your boat prior to leaving.

Questions should be referred to the Fort Gordon Marina at 706-541-1057, Sunday through Monday, 10am to 6pm.



Based upon questions coming into the toll-free phone line:

1. Is someone going to contact me?
The Pointes West team on site is making contact with 100% of all boat owners.  If you have not been contacted, please give us your preferred contact information and we will forward it to our team on site.

2. My boat is in one of the slips that was really damaged.  Who is going to tell me something?
Due to the current situation, it is too dangerous to access this side of the dock until we can ensure the health and safety of all personnel.  Pointes West personnel will provide further information when it is available.

3. What is happening with my boat?
Boat owners’, with boats in slips 1 – 51 and 100-110, boats are being towed to a “staging area” and decontaminated.  Boat owners  can pick up their boats with proof of ownership and a trailer.

Boat owners’ with boats in slips 52-99 will be contacted as we are able to access this side of the dock.


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