Craft Corner: Citronella Candles

Nothing says sweet summer time than mosquitos! Instead of purchasing citronella candles to keep the pesky bugs away, create your own using ceramic bowls to add some flair to your outdoor living space.



Soy Wax
Microwave-safe bowl
Yellow liquid candle dye
Citronella oil
Wick and wick clip
Craft stick
Ceramic bowl for candle



  1. Cut a piece of wick that measures the height of your bowl, plus a few inches. (For example, the height of our cup was 2 1/2 inches, so we cut our wick at 4 1/2 inches long.) Insert the wick into a wick clip and, using pliers, pinch the wick clip to secure the wick.

  1. Fill a microwave safe bowl with soy wax flakes. Follow the package instructions: Melt wax for 30 seconds to 1 minute depending on wattage. Check wax; if the wax looks like melted butter with some flakes, it’s ready. If not, continue melting it at 30 second intervals. Do not leave the microwave unattended. Stir the melted wax with a stir stick until it has a smooth, pudding-like consistency.

  1. Dip two thirds of the wick into melted wax; set aside to dry. Add two drops of yellow dye to wax. Add citronella oil, following a ratio of 3 drops of oil total for each cup of wax. Stir until combined; set the wax aside. (Note: Don’t worry, the melted wax will stay in liquid form for several minutes before hardening.)

  1. To attach the wick clip to the candle, use the stir stick to add one drop of melted wax first to the bottom of the bowl and gently press the wick clip on top to adhere it. Use a clean craft stick to rest the wick against and keep it standing up. Now pour the melted wax into the candle bowl and gently shake the bowl to make sure the wax settles evenly. It will take about 4 hours to dry completely.

  1. If you move the candle before it properly sets, the candle will get lumpy. Once the wax has dried, trim the wick to 1/2 inch above the candle and it’s ready to use.



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