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Craft Corner: Flip Flop Wreath

Door hangers can be your home’s best accessory. Wreaths are the norm when thinking about the best door hanger option. Join us in thinking outside of the norm by creating this Flip Flop Wreath!

1 Floral craft ring
12 Flip flops
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks
Embellishments (artificial flowers, rhinestones, decorative signs, etc.)

The great thing about this craft is that you can find all the supplies you need anywhere and it can be personalized to your taste. Mix and match patterns and colors to give your front door a fun pop of color for the summer! Let’s be honest, nothing says summer like flip flops!

Putting the Wreath Together

  1. Get your glue gun good and hot and have several glue sticks handy.
  2. Take each flip flop and glue the heel to the craft ring in a circular pattern not leaving any space between. Ensure the toe of the flip flop is pointing away from the center of the wreath. This is the time to let your personality shine. Use 12 different flips flops or purchase a few different pairs and alternate the colors and/or patterns.
  3. Allow the wreath to dry before decorating. Hot glue flowers, rhinestones and other fun items you find at your local craft store to the flips flops. There’s really no way to mess up this craft. It’s your wreath – decorate it to fit your taste!
  4. Place a wreath hook on your door and display your craft!


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