Craft Corner: Flower Pot Scarecrow


Fall doesn’t have to be all witches, pumpkins and candy corn! Try this craft to add some cuteness to your front stoop or bring the little guy (or girl) inside for some festive cheer. Turn this craft into a family of scarecrows by allowing the kiddos to make their own using smaller pots!




2 large flower pots
4 small flower pots
Tan paint
Brown paint
Orange paint
Red paint
Blue paint
Waterproof sealant
Straw hat
Jute or cotton rope
Industrial glue


Decorating the Pots
1. Seal all terra-cotta pots with a sealant.

2. Paint the first big pot tan. Once dry, draw a scarecrow face onto the pot. If needed, you can find a template online.

3. Turn the second large pot upside down. Paint the top half of the pot orange. Once dry, paint on red stripes for decoration.

4. Once the top half is dry, paint the other half of the same pot blue.

5. When the blue is dry, cut small squares of ribbon to make “patches” and glue them on the blue area of the pot for decoration.

6. Paint the two, little pots orange with red stripes.

7. Paint the other two, little pots blue and glue ribbon “patches” onto them.

Assembling the Scarecrows
1. Take a piece of rope, about 3 feet long, and tie it in half. Create a knot large enough to NOT fall through the drainage hole of the large pot.

2. Place the rope into the “head” pot with the knot resting above the drainage hole and the loose ends coming out from the bottom on the pot.

3. On the loose ends, tie the two, little orange/red striped pots.

4. Place a star hat upside down in the “head” pot so that the brim is resting on the edge of the pot.

5. Place your flowers inside the pot on top of the hat.

6. Glue strips of hay into the little pots so pieces of hay are visible on the bottom.

7. Tie another three foot rope into a large knot at the center. String the loose ends through the drainage hole on the large orange/blue pot (but this one should be upside down) and loose ends of the rope coming out from underneath the pot.

8. Tie the little, blue pots to the loose ends.

9. Place the head on top of the body and secure with heavy duty glue.


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