Craft Corner: Tiny Planters

Small succulents and air plants are a perfect touch of color and Zen to create accents all around the house. Part of the charm is in finding upcycled and creative containers for your mini container gardens.  And, the best part is, succulents require very little moisture, so dampening the soil once a week is all that’s required. Check out some of the below inexpensive and clever options.


Driftwood Succulent Centerpiece

Drill holes in a piece of decorative driftwood with a large drill bit. Fill the holes with cactus soil mix and plug a small succulent into each hole.


Dinosaur Succulent Planter

Succulents are prehistoric plant species, so what could be more fitting than to plant them inside plastic dinosaur toys? Cut holes in the backs of the dinosaurs, fill the holes with a cactus/succulent soil mix, and plant some small-scale succulent plants.


Painted Terra-Cotta Pots

Turn your boring terra-cotta pots into vibrant, succulent planters using colorful paint and neon gravel.


Succulents in Tea Tins

Planter ideas can come in the least expected places. Some tea containers are too cute to abandon when the tea is used up.

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