Disability is Not the End – A Veteran’s Story of Overcoming Adversity (Part 3)

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Mr. Henry Kent gave an inspiring speech to a crowd of children and adults with physical and developmental disabilities at the Wilson Y Miracle League Baseball Field on Saturday, May 17th. He drove up to the pitcher’s mound in his new Action Trackchair, not to boast or show off a new toy, but to encourage the crowd to enjoy their lives and to find a way to continue doing the things they love in life.

It was due to Mr. Kent’s determination to get back to the pond and return to his passion of fishing that granted eligibility to receive the Action Trackchair. He shared his story; how he lost his leg due to a wound in Vietnam and now depended on a chair for mobility, how he got his motorized chair stuck in the mud one day while fishing, and his determination to find a way to get back to what he loved to do. He said that although he couldn’t walk, he was happy and thankful to still be alive. He encouraged the crowd to celebrate their lives and find ways to live to the fullest.

Mr. Kent is an inspiration to anyone who has faced limitations in life, from minor to major. This applies to those children and adults with physical and developmental disabilities as well as those who struggle with depression, anxiety, or fear. In contrast to our disabilities and limitations, Mr. Kent encourages us all to “make the best of what we can do”. So let’s heed that advice, and enjoy our gift of life!

(To learn more about Mr. Henry Kent and his story, see Part 1 and Part 2)

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