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Facility Focus: Gordon Lakes Golf Club

As a manager of a major facility, you pride yourself on your facility’s reputation. William Fumai, manager of Gordon Lakes Golf Club (GLGC), has a lot to be proud of. Not only is Mr. Fumai a PGA Certified Instructor, he has a lot of experience managing Army golf courses. Gordon Lakes is the fifth course Mr. Fumai has under his belt. Having the Masters in the local area adds to the appeal of GLGC, making it a highly visited and coveted golf club to manage!

Gordon Lakes Golf Club opened in 1975. Designed by Robert Trent Jones, Sr., and once rated the #1 military golf course, GLGC was said to be designed in one day. Even if the rumor is true and the breathtaking course was designed in a mere 24 hours, the beauty of the entire facility shines from the inside out. Walking through the facility the upgraded and timeless appearance grabs your attention. Pictures of celebrity pros and friends of GLGC hang on the walls showing great times had on the greens in the past. The aroma of different meal options waft through Bogey’s Grill. The outside is easily considered to be one of the most beautiful locations on Fort Gordon. There’s a sight for everyone. A beautiful outdoor pavilion to host weddings or special events, views of Island 6 and a grand entrance full of beautiful flowers.

In 2011, a fire destroyed the entire storage facility. The destruction caused a loss of over 1.5 million in revenue and equipment. Through the devastation and ashes of what was, came an even better facility. In the 1.5 years it took to rebuild, the loyalty of the patrons aided in GLGC coming back stronger than before.

Due to the loss of much equipment, there was a need for constant recharging of rented carts. This was eliminated with the purchase of new, state of the art, golf carts. Score card capabilities, beverage ordering services from your location and a GPS system are only some of the features of the carts. The technology within the carts has helped to save lives. Mr. Fumai mentioned several different incidents in which a patron was able to call for help from the greens; an allergic reaction from a bee sting, a person suffering from vertigo and even a heart attack. Mr. Fumai went on to say, “We’ve made some major purchases, but the purchase of the carts has been one of the most important.”

As great as GLGC may seem, there’s always room for improvement. When asked where Mr. Fumai sees GLGC in five years, his response was, “Hosting a PGA Tour Tournament. It takes a lot of preparation for this!”. But for now, GLGC will continue to focus on current programs and ensuring that GLGC provides an opportunity for the young and old, to get out and golf!

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Having served nine years active duty military, Crystal has always had a passion to serve those who serve! While becoming a wife and mother of four beautiful children, she was offered an opportunity to continue to do so. In her time with Family and MWR, Crystal has grown to absolutely love her job; it totally fits her outgoing, zany personality! This Chicago native looks forward to many more years to come with Family and MWR.

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