yh - patient recognition month

February is Patient Recognition Month


yh - patient recognition month

If Dwight D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center was a for-profit organization there would be no question about why we might want to encourage people to use our facilities. More patients could mean greater community esteem, larger profit margins, or an improved bottom line. There would be a lot of advertising on television, print and radio touting our desirability and success over others. In the “real world”, that is how business works.

DDEAMC staff has an additional motivation that is unique compared to other private sector medical facilities. We take care of our family – the Military Family. The patients we serve are the best of the best and more valuable than any bottom line could ever be.

Patient recognition observances are a national annual salute to patients held during the month of February. This provides us with an excellent opportunity to highlight and honor the beneficiaries entrusted to our care—our Soldiers, Family members, retirees and all other eligible military health system beneficiaries. We honor our patients throughout the year but especially want to underscore our appreciation during the month of February – our Caring from the Heart month. DDEAMC remains committed to our patients in providing the highest standards in patient-centered care.

Providing care and support services are an essential part of our commitment to our Family. The Surgeon General and Medical Command Commander Lieutenant General Patricia D. Horoho, DDEAMC Commander Colonel Christopher Castle, and other medical commanders and leaders across the Army sign formal Army Medicine Healthcare Covenants – our Army Medicine commitment to improve services, access and continuity of care for our patients.

DDEAMC has started many new programs and support services such as Patient Centered Medical Home, Secure Messaging System, Pain Management Center, Traumatic Brain Injury Clinic and Medically Not Ready/Non-Deployable processes to enhance access and continuity of care, patient satisfaction and inspire continued confidence. We want to take care of our patients, keep them healthy and get them well if they become injured or ill.

Our physicians, nurses, technicians, administrative and ancillary support staffs as well as hospital and clinic volunteers, continue to provide our patients the quality care that is the foundation of Army Medicine. Leaders and medical providers reinforce and enhance DDEAMC’s mission of providing World-Class comprehensive and compassionate care to our Nation’s Warriors, their Families, retirees and all other directed beneficiaries, while maintaining unit and personal readiness to meet the demands of our Nation.

DDEAMC reconfirms and demonstrates this during the month of February through renewed commitment to patient care, well-being and satisfaction. We honor and thank our patients – Soldiers, retirees and family members – for their honorable service and sacrifices made on the battlefield and at home.

Our patients deserve the finest care and support we can provide. As DDEAMC continues to enhance and improve the medical support and service we provide, we recognize paying attention to our patients’ unique needs is key to overall patient satisfaction.

We appreciate our patients for choosing DDEAMC for their health care needs.

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