Foodie Friday: Augusta to Go

Too lazy to drive to get your pickup order? Have a house full of kids and no one to come watch them? Favorite restaurant doesn’t deliver? We have all had some of these issues happen to us. Especially if you live in a remote location or, as some of us do, on a Military Installation. “Augusta to Go” is trying to alleviate this problem. Augusta to Go is a local company that has developed an app that allows you to order take out from local restaurants that don’t usually offer it. You can order from delicious downtown locations, local chains and more. Some of the places on their list include Blue Moon Café, Twisted Burrito, Tin Lizzy’s, Belair Donuts and so many more.

In order to start your order, you are asked to enter the address that the delivery will be brought to. Then you are given a list of restaurant option within a designated radius of the address. You then select the restaurant(s) you are interested in, as well as, the items you would like to order. These options include all menu items including drinks, sides, specialty items, etc. All your selections are then totaled in your cart onto one bill and you are given the option to pay in cash or by card.

The Augusta to Go app is very simple and quite easy to use. While this makes the platform excellent to order predetermined menu items, it does make ordering special items harder. You cannot select what options to take off of your item or what you want to add. Instead you have to rely on leaving a note for the driver and them remembering to check to ensure that your special instructions were followed. Another plus of the app is that you can order from multiple places at once, this makes it easy to order an offices worth of food without having to make anyone settle. The free app can be found on Google Play and on the Iphone App Store, or you can order on the Augusta to Go website.  You can also follow them for specials, updates and deals on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @Augustatogo.

The Augusta to go website makes all of this easier, by having a dedicated page for each restaurant.  These pages are the online ordering pages of the restaurants themselves and you can customize your order any which way you like.

Example of account view in Android app

My personal experience with Augusta to Go, both app and site, was quite pleasant and pretty efficient. I was a little disappointed that I could not customize my order, except by leaving a note for the driver in the app. As someone who is allergic to dairy and does not eat gluten this could get a little tiresome. I was also able to select a date and time for my food to be delivered. This could be great for offices that may be having a party and want to order the food the day before. Also, individuals who have more than one job and don’t have time to make lunch can order their dinner at one job and have it delivered to the other. I was a little surprised that I had to pay a fee for the delivery of my food but on second thought, I figured you pay for Uber. This service is essentially Uber Eats, but maybe a little cheaper.


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