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Foodie Friday: How to Build a Lunchbox

Summer is ending and we can feel a coolness in the air; school is right around the corner.  Kids of all ages will be heading out early in the morning to hop on their school buses.  This means parents have to make sure kids’ lunch boxes are ready to go before they leave.

This doesn’t mean that you have to spend your entire evening prepping and packing their lunches.  Here are some tips on how to build a lunchbox quickly, inexpensively and keep it delicious.Lunchbox shapes

  1. Keep lunch to 4 or 5 items.  Don’t stuff lots of food into the lunchbox.  Keep it down to a few items that you know your kid enjoys.
  2. Keep it simple, silly.  Obviously, your child does not need handmade sushi rolls with a cheese souffle for lunch.  Again, use items you know your child likes to eat and are simple to make.Lunchbox kabobs
  3. Make it fun.  In spite of wanting to keep lunch simple, it does need to at least be interesting.  Try cutting the veggies into unique shapes or make peanut butter and jelly rolls.
  4. Have grab and go baskets.  Before school starts, build up a reserve of single serve snack baggies.  Then the kids can simply grab two or three and put them in their lunchbox.

There are loads of other tips and hacks that you can use, such as freezing their drink for a cold pack.  Keep the chicken nuggets or pizza rolls warm in a thermos.
Again, don’t make the meal to complicated or intricate, but make it fun.


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