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Foodie Friday: Grilled Fruit

With the weather warming up, we can feel the summer season coming.  It’s time to dust off the grills and break out the cornhole and kiddie pools!  Prep the burgers, steaks and hotdogs for the grill, but what should we make for dessert: cake, cookies, pie? They are all too much work!  It has to be something quick, delicious and would help if it could be cooked on the grill, we have fun to get back to. Throw some fruit on the grill, that’s right, you read correctly, fruit!

Whether it is pineapple, plums, peaches, strawberries or pretty much anything else.  Grilled fruit makes an easy dessert for any party.  You can pre-soak it in your favorite beverage and then rub a seasoning mix or simply sprinkle some brown sugar on it and throw it on the grill.  It is even delicious without anything on it.

For smaller stone fruits such as plums, leave on the grill for roughly 3-5 mins a side.  For larger whole fruits such as pineapple, leave on for 5-10 mins a side.  The longer the fruit is on the grill, the softer it will become and the more the sugars inside will caramelize, making the fruit sweeter.  Be careful, if you leave it on too long the sugars will burn making your fruit nearly inedible.

If you want the delicious smoke and fire flavor on smaller fruits such as berries, cover your berries in sugar and put them in a pot on the grill surface.  You’ll get all that delicious flavor without losing them between the slats on your grill.  You can make a delicious sauce to put over ice cream by smashing the berries some and adding a little liquid.

There is an endless cacophony of ideas and methods you could use to create a plethora of dishes using fruit and your gas or charcoal grill.  If you are feeling experimental, try smoking the fruit and seeing what the result is.  To get you started, here is a website with a few recipes that you can try.

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