Foodie Friday – New To Augusta

The CSRA and in particular the areas surrounding Augusta are experiencing a boom of activity and growth. Simply drive down most any road in the area and you will see some kind of construction or renovation happening. This means that many new stores and shops are coming and that also means that new restaurants and grub grabbing places will be coming in as well. We are getting new supermarkets, chain restaurants and local eateries in every area of town. Three have caught our eye, read on for the details.

Earth Fare, Whole Foods, Fresh Market and Trader Joe’s the Big 4 of the organic and fresh food supermarkets. Some we have here, some we had here and one we are praying comes here. However, there is a little known fresh food market that is popular out west and in other Southern states now comes to Augusta. Sprouts Farmers Market is the newest addition to the block. A combination of Trader Joe’s with inexpensive pricing and Whole Foods high quality grocery items, Sprouts is aiming to make its niche in the Augusta economy. The new supermarket will be opening in early May in the Crane Creek development off of Walton Way Extension.

Along with the new Supermarket, diners can indulge in the newest trend to hit Augusta this summer, Thai rolled ice cream. Sweet Charlie’s is a chain restaurant out of Philadelphia that is best known for this sweet summer treat. Buzz on Biz has said that the ice cream shop will be moving into a 1200 square foot space in the same development as the Sprouts Famers Market. This is sure to become a quick favorite to help Augustans beat the heat this summer.

One of the areas seeing the biggest boom is Grovetown, in Columbia County. The expansion of Fort Gordon has led to Grovetown seeing the economy and housing market increase rapidly in the past few years and it does not look to be slowing any time soon. With the addition of several new housing areas, hotels, shopping centers and of course restaurants Grovetown is bursting at the seams. The latest addition is a DIY Pizza restaurant called Your Pie. While not new to the CSRA, this new to Grovetown fad has made quite an impression on those living in the area.

Your Pie offers a completely customizable experience for pizzas, Paninis or salads. The offer gluten free and vegan options for those with allergies or dietary restrictions, as well as, a plethora of toppings for you to choose from. From the traditional pepperoni to the more unique artichoke hearts they have combinations that everyone will love! Don’t want to customize? Choose from one of their preset pizzas and Paninis that are every bit as delicious.

These are only a few places coming to our area. Make sure to keep an eye out for more fun and delicious restaurants coming this way.

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