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Foodie Friday: After School Snacks

School has started!  We all know that school can be hard work and that kids usually are in need of a good, healthy snack after they get home.  What do you give them most frequently for after school snacks?  Cookie, candy, veggies or maybe you make them wait til dinner.  Giving them an after school snack is a great way to welcome them home, as well as, staving off hunger.  This also teaches them to snack in a healthy way.

However, it can be difficult to make a healthy and filling after school snack everyday.  Don’t you worry, because we are here to help!  By making snacks ahead of time you can simply let your kids make the choice.  Each week make a few different snacks that keep well, then each day give your child the option of what to have.  These snacks can be anything from prepackaged yogurt to home made fruit salad cups.

Make snack time a chance for your children to take a moment to decompress from the day.  Let them have some quiet time, or let them tell you about your day.  Make it a daily ritual so that you know what is happening in your child’s life and they are able to share their day with you.  It is only a few minutes, but this is a building block to communication and healthy nutrition down the road.

Click here to find tons of fun homemade after school snacks you and your child can make together!

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