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Foodie Fridays: Buffalo Chicken Dip

If your significant other is anything like mine, he or she likes to spring last minute requests on you.  These may include paperwork, parties, appointments, or in my husband’s case, last minute requests to make food for a work function.  These sorts of requests often mean that it needs to fulfill some criteria:

1. It needs to feed a crowd (15-20 people)
2. It needs to be delicious!
3. It needs to be inexpensive.
4. It needs to be quick, simple, easily transported and quickly warmed.

These criteria usually lead to some kind of dip or crock-pot recipe.  This means that Pinterest is going to be my best friend.  Like many people I have discovered the beauty and simplicity that is Pinterest.  It allows me to find delicious and simple recipes that are inexpensive and feed a crowd.  I almost never use a cookbook anymore.

So after my husband sprang this request on me, he added a special request that he would like me to make Crack Dip AKA Buffalo Chicken Dip.  The recipe I use is from a blog called Sing for your Supper, which I have made countless times for parties.  It fulfills all my criteria and additionally, I can improvise if I can’t get to the store.  It is the simplest recipe and only requires a few ingredients that most people will already have around the house.  You will need cream cheese (YUM!), ranch and blue cheese dressing, buffalo sauce, blue cheese crumbles or shredded mozzarella, and shredded chicken.  That’s it, 6 ingredients!

The instructions are even easier, you simply combine all the ingredients into a casserole dish, I usually use a 2 quart dish, but a 9×13 pan will work well also.  You pop it in the oven for about 30 minutes so everything can melt together and the cheese gets gooey.  Then you can enjoy it with chips, crackers, bread bites, or veggie sticks.

This leads to a job done, crisis averted, and several happy tummies at the office party.  My husband always brings home an empty container that appears to have been licked clean.  He then begins to extol the wonders of having such a wonderful wife.  He will never know I did hardly anything. That will be out little secret!


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