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With changing the names of the gyms to fitness centers in 2014, also came changes in the facilities as a whole. The goal of our fitness centers has always been to maintain recruitment, retention and resiliency of the service members; keeping them mission ready. Now we have the opportunity to keep their work outs fun while creating a safe environment. And if you think the fitness centers and their services are only geared toward the service members, think again! We want to ensure we have programs for all of our community, including family members, veterans and retirees. All you need is an ID card and your access is granted to these ultramodern facilities. You can even bring up to two friends per ID for the experience!

Victory Fitness Center (formerly known as Gym #3), Gordon Fitness Center (formerly known as Gym #4), Cyber Fitness Center (formerly known as Gym #5) and Warrior Fitness Center (formerly known as Gym #6) have all been kind to the idea of keeping fitness fun and free. Our Fitness Director, Randy Taylor, has a staff of managers to ensure the fitness centers stay fresh with ideas and are properly ran. Victory’s manager is Ms. Lula Ray, Gordon’s manager is Mr. Brian Steele, Cyber’s manager is Ms. Crystal Langston and the manager for Warrior is Mr. John Graham. All managers are well equipped with certification in personal training and/or equipment to give instruction on how to properly utilize equipment and exercise. We’ve recently brought on Josh Woody, our Fitness Coordinator, to run programs that we now offer for free. Be sure to join us for the Lunchtime Express Workout and much more.

Each of the fitness centers offer saunas, locker rooms with changing areas, showers and lockers to store items on a daily basis and at least one room with free weights and cardio equipment. However, some fitness centers have amenities the others don’t. Each facility is geared toward a certain type of fitness. Depending on the type of work out you are looking for will depend on the fitness center you should visit. Keep reading to see the amenities each facility offers!

Victory has a strength room, cardiovascular room, weight room, racquetball court, and equipment that can be issued for use. The basketball/volleyball floor has been converted to house equipment to conduct Cross Fit and Combative Instruction. A Java Fit has been added to the facility and will soon be expanding and changing the Café name to Victory Lift-A-Latte is in the near future.

Gordon has a racquetball court, free weights and strength room, cardiovascular equipment, an aerobics room, nautilus room, spinning room and massage therapy rooms with certified masseuses. Gordon also recently updated the menu of Java Fit and will be changing its name to Lift-A-Latte in October of this year. Java Fit offers a vast menu of energy food, protein drinks and much more. Gymdog Fitness takes care of the many group fitness instruction classes while personal trainers are offered through Trainers-2-Go.

Cyber and Warrior have a weight room, which consists of strength and free weights, cardiovascular, basketball court, volleyball court, an equipment issue room and racquetball courts. They both have gymnasium floors and fitness areas. This is the place to be when you are looking for a pickup game of basketball!

Ultimately, there will be more changes as time goes on. If you have an idea or suggestion of something you would like to see at one of the fitness centers, please don’t hesitate to contact Randy Taylor via email at Also, don’t forget to leave a NICE comment at

About Crystal Tyson

Having served nine years active duty military, Crystal has always had a passion to serve those who serve! While becoming a wife and mother of four beautiful children, she was offered an opportunity to continue to do so. In her time with Family and MWR, Crystal has grown to absolutely love her job; it totally fits her outgoing, zany personality! This Chicago native looks forward to many more years to come with Family and MWR.


  1. My family, has been looking for a fitness center. I haven’t yet tried out the fitness center on Fort Gordon yet! My question, is I have two teen daughter’s ages: 15 and 16 year’s old. Are they of age to workout along with my husband in this facility?We all have Military Id card’s. Thanks!

    1. Yes ma’am they will be able to work out at the fitness center. under 18 do need a parent with them, so they will not be able to go alone.

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