FYI Magazine – October 2011

I cannot help but be incredibly excited about this month, for so many reasons.

First and perhaps the most obvious, it’s October! Once again, we’re cooking and eating yummy, comforting food, celebrating with friends and family, really getting outdoors more often and loving this weather. Fall in and around Fort Gordon is exciting! It’s packed full of great festivities, like Fort Gordon’s Oktoberfest and the Westabou Festival. Farmers markets are putting out gourds and pumpkins, the leaves are turning and now is the perfect time to take advantage of outdoor MWR activities, such as horse riding at Hilltop. And there’s the king-daddy of them all: Halloween. Even if that’s not your cup of tea, I’m sure you’ll discover plenty that is throughout these pages!

The second reason is down to the creative geniuses I’m so lucky to work with who have ramped up their game and knocked out a fantastic issue. Thank you to Nathan Hoeller, the marketing team, our MWR colleagues and awesome writers! We have a new look and with it, more new features and extras. In addition to our specialist critics and commentators, we welcome our service member and family members who have generously given their time for this issue. And we always want to hear about you and from you! When you go to one of MWR’s events like The Soldier Show, or possibly even one off post, keep an eye out for us – you could be featured in Snapshots! We have competitions and giveaways heading your way, both in person and virtually, so connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

And that leaves the final reason. The features in this issue are full of so many good people. Retired service member, Cris Elder astounded me by showing how deeply one person can care and make an impact on so many others. Her beautiful Angelic Halos give a much needed boost to women who lose their hair during chemotherapy treatments. And SafeHomes’ Megghan Eppenbrock talked me through the challenging issue of intimate partner violence with intelligence and compassion – I believe everyone can benefit from hearing more about the incredible, life-saving services SafeHomes, Inc. provides.

I hope you agree with me – October is just fabulous! (You know, if you don’t agree, you can always tell us what you’d like to see featured.) But for now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go rake up some leaves into a giant mountain. My inner eight-year old is telling me I’m going to enjoy this!

Molly Swift, Editor

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