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28 African Descendants You Should Know – February 1

Jean Baptiste Point DuSable 1745 – August 2, 1818 A frontier trader, trapper and farmer, generally regarded as the first resident of what is now Chicago, Illinois It is unknown the year Jean Baptiste Point DuSable was born, but according to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, he was born in St. Marc, Sainte-Domingue [now Haiti]. He was believed […]

Lockheed F-117

“Congratulations. You got the Black Jet you asked for. Learn to be comfortable with the night.” – “The Porch” Personnel (early 1998) Appearing more like something from a sci-fi movie, the Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk was the first U.S. top-secret stealth technology warplane. And despite its “F” (“Fighter”) designation, it had no aircraft-to-aircraft engagement capability; it […]

FYI Magazine – Winter 2019

Having trouble viewing the magazine? Click Here to read it on Issuu.com It’s our 20th Anniversary Edition – hence the gold writing! We wanted this cover to represent what we hope to move towards in 2019 – Empowerment, Unity and Strength! We are empowering our readers to be strong while finding unity in the community! […]

MWR Star – Jerome Winters

MWR Star is an initiative to recognize exemplary individuals in MWR. People who go above and beyond to assist MWR customers and their co-workers. One individual is chosen monthly to be featured as our star, spotlighting details about themselves and their position within MWR.   Jerome Winters, a Motor Vehicle Operator at the Recycling Center, […]

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