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Falling in Love with Autumn - featured image

Falling in Love with Autumn

Fall: my favorite time of year. Fall denotes the soothing season of celebration, festivity and reaping the rewards of the year. Harvest, Halloween, Sukkot, Samhain, Mid-Autumn Festival (or Moon Festival) and Thanksgiving—all are autumnal gatherings that reflect on the bounty of the year, the peace of the autumn months and the coming dormancy of winter. […]


SSGT Chris Margoupis

SSgt Chris Margoupis walks into my office with a bit of nervousness. I guess most people aren’t sure what to expect when getting interviewed. He eventually eases into a level of comfort, albeit small, and begins talking. He grew up in the suburbs of Fairfax, Virginia as your everyday jock playing football, basketball and baseball […]

Karen Gordon

Augusta’s First Lady of Jazz: Karen Gordon

You have a talented brother – Wycliffe – overall, did you enjoy a musical upbringing? My childhood was filled with music from as early as I can remember. Our earliest musical memories are of our dad playing classical piano in the house. When our parents divorced, the music was silenced for a while, but our […]


SFC Vienary Tanksley

When Vienary walked into my office for our interview, she was all smiles. “I’ve never been interviewed before,” she said with a mix of excitement and nervousness. After answering a few a few basic questions, she relaxed and began talking about her life with a sensible matter-of-fact attitude. However, she always maintained an air of […]

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