Separation during Marriage: Larry Johnson

Separation: Our marriage and relationship has endured numerous separations due the PCS’s and deployments over the last 12 years of my career. Betty and I married in November 2001 and, shortly after, we encountered our first separation when I went to Korea. Once arriving here at Fort Gordon in the spring of 2003, my unit […]

FYI Magazine - February 2012 Cover

FYI Magazine – February 2012

In my house, spaghetti is often a necessity. Affordable, abundant and flavorful enough to satisfy the five of us and still have leftovers – if I’m lucky! Sometimes, it becomes an act of creativity and experimentation; a chance to try different ingredients and concoct a dish even more delicious and satisfying than the last. Italian […]

Bistro 491 Review

Bistro 491

Bistro 491, located in Surrey Center, offers a small, yet simple, repertoire of delectable, beautifully plated dishes (changed seasonally), superb service and an elegant decor. From succulent appetizers to mouth-watering entrees and sides, both on the menu or a special, the only thing better is their service. Acoustics aside, Bistro is well worth a reservation […]

Manuel's Bread Cafe

Manuel’s Bread Cafe

This semi-formal, French-inspired café is hit or miss when it comes to service, although the staff is usually helpful. The high prices reflect more the freshness and locality of its food, rather than the taste, depending on who’s cooking. The appetizers and desserts are usually awesome. I’ve had some fabulous meals at Manuel’s, but this […]

SGT Nancy Sanchez

My Hero – Lieutenant Colonel Nancy Sanchez

When you meet someone you admire greatly, it is only natural to want to show them off to others, which is how I feel about Nancy Sanchez. A retired Lieutenant Colonel, Nancy was unable to join the other members of the Women’s Veterans Club of the CSRA when we all met for the November feature […]

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