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Get Fit with Family & MWR

It’s the New Year; we examined our lifestyles and now we’re facing some serious resolutions. Ugh.

Actually, it’s not all bad. New habits might require some extra effort on your part, but there is plenty on Fort Gordon to help you stay the course. From taking advantage of swimming and massage facilities, to personal development through education; Family and MWR will help you to not only meet your goals, but feel great while you’re winning in 2014!

  • get-your-toes-wet
    Getting your Toes Wet

    The Fort Gordon Aquatics team is hard at work transforming the way you experience swimming! Not only are private and group swimming lessons available at the Indoor Pool, but so are classes for babies and toddlers and Family Fun Nights – open swimming every Friday night from 4 p.m-close. During the sweltering summer months, catch a movie while floating in the Outdoor Pool, or cool off at the Spray Park.The Aquatics division is all about safety, affordability and accessibility – regularly scheduled programs are available during weekdays and don’t cost an arm and a leg! For instance, individual private lessons are $10 for a half hour session, or individuals can pair up with someone of a similar ability for joint instruction which only costs $15 for a half hour session! Active Duty don’t need to worry about cost at all – all instruction for Active Duty is provided free of charge!For all upcoming events, lessons and more, call the Indoor Pool at 706-791-3034, or check out the web page at
  • beat-the-tension
    Beat the Tension

    A holistic approach to your health includes being kind to your muscles – new exercises got you in knots? Wrenched something you haven’t used in a while?Massage in the United States has enjoyed a revival as a holistic therapy for a few decades, even though the practice of manipulating muscle and soft tissue has actually been around for a much longer time – many sources suggest references to the “art” of massage date back thousands of years, in fact. Still, it is widely accepted as providing multiple health benefits, to include pain relief, rehabilitate sports injuries, reduce stress, increase relaxation, address anxiety and depression, and aid general wellness.We’ve got you covered at Gordon’s Fitness on Barnes Avenue. Therapeutic on many levels, massages at Gordon’s Fitness are delivered by trained professionals and start at $45 per hour. The very capable and seriously lovely Nancy Schneider, LMT, NCTMB, runs the clinic and she is joined at the clinic by Michelle Burt and Stacy Mock – also trained therapists – to meet the demands of the installation.

    Massage is a great recovery tool for Wounded Warriors and service members who experience symptoms of PTSD, anxiety and numerous stress disorders. The therapy provided by massage extends beyond the immediate benefits of relaxing muscles in distress; it can be a way of releasing tension, both physically and mentally. In fact, Nancy often finds her patients look forward to their sessions as much for the opportunity to off-load as to be relieved of muscular pain.

    So book your session today and help yourself stay free of pain, anxiety and tension. Call Nancy at 803-270-8836.

  • acquiring-knowledge
    Acquiring Knowledge

    “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” Family and MWR invites you to ignite the passion for knowledge with any number of classes and workshops. Often provided at no cost, instruction is available through various MWR facilities and programs.Army and Community Service offers a wide range of classes for both individuals and units on items such as financial readiness which covers budgeting basics, car buying, basic investments, and use of credit. Special classes on consumer topics such as identity theft, predatory lending, and frauds/scams are also available. Family Advocacy offers a New Parent Support Program that includes parent education classes, and Army Family Team Building (AFTB) provides personal and Family preparedness.Other educational opportunities can be found at the Woodworth Consolidated Library where reference classes are offered on a monthly basis; learn how to download Ebooks, or research your heritage online through HeritageQuest – the staff at Woodworth are happy to help during these regularly scheduled classes!

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