Get Lost! Hidden Treasures of Road Tripping

Is road-tripping becoming a thing of the past? The first recorded American road-trip was in 1903. H. Nelson Jackson, Sewall K. Crocker and Bud, the dog, jumped in a 1903 Winton Touring Car on a 63 day scenic trip between San Francisco and New York. That drive now can be completed in 10 days enjoying what I assume is much different scenery.

So many times I hear of friends and families flying to a destination for a vacation. Many times its a quick weekend trip or somewhere much too far to drive. But there is so much of America that has yet to be explored by families and road-tripping allows for great exploration. Find interesting and off-the-beaten-path places to visit such as cool restaurants and one-of-kind spots.

Oh, the places you can go! We’ve put together a small list of places in the US to see by-way of a road-trip.


Not only can you visit Upper Antelope Canyon with its mystic shape created by water rushing through rock but you also must see the Grand Canyon; no road trip would be complete without a stop at the overwhelmingly magnificent sights. Monument Valley happens to cross state lines leading you from Arizona right into Utah! 

Route 1 

The Overseas Highway is a 150-mile highway that crosses 42 bridges. Take in the life of the Keys – from the Pennekamp Coral Reef Park to Key Largo’s Dolphin Research Center; making sure to eat the many different foods the area has made famous, like fried conch and Key Lime Pie.

Route 66 

There are countless sights between Chicago and Los Angeles on this 2,500-mile cross-country journey. Route 66 is not only famous for its quirky roadside attractions like the Cadillac Ranch in Texas, the World’s Largest Catsup Bottle in Oklahoma, and a giant sculpture of Abe Lincoln on a wagon in his hometown of Springfield, Illinois but also the El Rancho Hotel in Gallup, New Mexico.

There’s not much to planning a road trip. You can actually save a lot by doing so. Traveling in your own vehicle, whether a car or RV, saves a ton compared to renting a vehicle. You also know your own vehicle, so it helps when determining the amount of gas needed as well as allows you to set the pace of the drive. Plot your trip by finding your preferred choice of map. Nowadays most people use the GPS on their phones. While that’s normally the most accurate route, you may lose signal when traveling through areas without great service…can you hear me now? Plus, there’s much more fun in using a printed map. Not only can you write on them for references but marking your stops helps plan meals, rest stops and sightseeing.  Keep the map after the trip to enter into a scrapbook or save for reference for the next trip. If this is overwhelming and you feel like you’d rather use other means to plan…there’s an app for that! Below is a list of handy apps to help you plan the perfect trip!

Apps To Help Guide You On An Adventurous Roadtrip:


Back Road Ramblers

Roadside America

All in all, remember to pack light, take photos and have fun! Get lost, the adventure of finding your way home will be worth it!


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