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Holiday Clean Up

The end of the holidays is always bittersweet. My home goes from a magical wonderland to – how can I describe it – boring! Cleaning up is inevitable so here are some helpful hints to make the task a little more enjoyable while also setting yourself up for success when the holidays come around next year.

Tip 1: Make It Fun!

Dreading the cleanup only makes it worse. So put on some music, get the family together, and knock out the cleaning with a smile.


Tip 2: Take a Picture

Before you start your cleanup, snap a few photos. If you loved how you decorated your mantle, having a photo to reference will help you recreate it next year!

Tip 3: Make an Ornament Storage Box

Ornament storage boxes are great way to keep your ornaments in one piece while in storage! Making one is super simple as you only need a plastic bin and plastic, disposable cups. Drop in an ornament in each cup, place a piece of cardboard in between layers and start the process all over again.

Tip 4: Wrap Your Lights

Wrap your lights around a piece of cardboard to make them easy to identify and unwrap next year. No more tangled mess of lights to contend with!

Tip 5: Store Wrapping Paper

A long and shallow storage bin makes a great storage solution for your holiday-themed gift wrap. The wrapping paper can hide away under your bed until it’s time to pull it out again next year.

Tip 7:  Leave a Note

Write reminder notes for next year to store with your decorations and/or remind yourself of decorations that were broken and need to be replaced. 

Tip 8: Recycle the Tree

If you purchased a real tree, check online to find ways to recycle trees in your community. I always drop mine off at a fire station which they use as kindling during training!

Tip 9: Christmas Card Inventory

Take an inventory of the Christmas cards you received this year. Make a spreadsheet of who you got cards from and their addresses from the envelopes. This will give you a great head start for sending out Christmas cards next year!

Tip 10: Clean Out The Fridge

Take a good look at the contents of your fridge. Toss out leftovers you know you won’t eat. Which ones are you REALLY going to eat, and which ones are you just saying you’ll eat.


About Heather Addis

Heather joined the Family and MWR Marketing team in 2009. As the Marketing Director, she dabbles in all things marketing - from campaigns to media purchasing to research and development. Heather is enjoying having a retired husband after 17 years of Army life, is a mother of five (one human and four dogs!) and is a pop culture junkie.

"I have the best job in the world. I get to do what I love while giving back to our men and women in uniform. I could not imagine having a job that did not allow me to have daily interaction with our Service Members. Being married to a retired Soldier, I am able to understand the hardships our military face and strive to help create programs and events to make their time at Fort Gordon memorable."

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