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Hula Dawgs

5110 Wrightsboro Road, Grovetown Georgia 30813 | 706-863-4263









If you are interested in a small, family owned restaurant then Hula Dawgs is the place to be in the CSRA. Hula Dawgs is located 5110 Wrightsboro Road, Grovetown Georgia 30813. Hula Dawgs food are freshly made to order with some Hawaiian love to it. It is a great place to have lunch with friends or family. Hula Dawgs is not formal nor a buffet restaurant but it is very reasonable and casual restaurant. Everything is under ten dollars with a great variety of food on the menu. What is interesting with this restaurant is that they have a Maui Wowie Wall of Fame which is a competition that requires you to start with a two pounds of prime beef and a half pound of fries. This competition will cost $16.49 but if you want to add a pound, it will be $6.00 for each additional pound. There is no time limit and if you want to be known as the highest winner, you will have to beat 6 .5 pounds of prime beef and a half pound of fries. The service is great and the employees are very nice and helpful especially if it is your first time coming. Could use some sweeping but overall the place is pretty clean. The restaurant is not a big place to do a big party so I wouldn’t invite over five or six people to this restaurant. It is a fast food restaurant so the presentation was simple but great and the food was enjoyable and cooked properly. The quality is mostly local produce, good size portion of food but most importantly the food was cooked properly. If the customers are dining in, there are free refills on drinks.

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