Literary Minute – The Simplicity of Cider

Happiness is always worth remembering, even when it was temporary.

From chapter one I was swept into the magic of apple orchards, sunshine and quiet contentment. Sanna Lund, a focused fifth-generation orchardist, along with her father worked hard to ensure the success of their family legacy. Everything was going well for Sanna when in comes a handsome stranger and his 10 year old son. We figure out that Sanna’s father hires Isaac Banks and his ten year old son Sebastian, aka Bass, early in the growing season which is unusual. But it comes in handy when her aging father has an accident which leaves Sanna down one man. As the three of them grow closer by the day, we see them struggle through family drama, big personality differences and their inner demons.

I have to admit that I wasn’t entirely on board with our heroine Sanna when we first met her. She had a very prickly, distant persona which I was not accustomed to in a heroine. But, over time I grew to truly love and adore her character. I felt like I grew with her, saw her change over time in the novel, and blossomed beside her as she awakened into her own self. Isaac however, our hero – well I liked him from the start. He is a great father, a hard worker and he was always there for Sanna, helping her work through her problems with little to no judgements on his part.

All in all, I would say that I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and that the author Amy Reichert did an amazing job. The book was harmonious and peaceful while also being achingly real and relatable. It was the perfect blend of sweet, bold and immensely satisfying (just like the Caramel Apple Bread Pudding recipe the author leaves at the end of the novel).

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