Literary Minute – Wink Poppy Midnight

I’d never get the sound of her screams out of my head, or my heart.
Is this what it meant to be the hero? – Midnight

Wink Poppy Midnight by April Genevieve Tucholke was such an enthralling, lyrical read. I haven’t read a young contemporary novel that sucked me in so effectively in quite a long time. The story starts off following in the routine of most young adult novels, with three high schoolers who couldn’t be less alike. We are presented with the weird, unpopular girl – Wink; the well-liked boy who doesn’t quite fit in – Midnight; and the mean, popular girl – Poppy. When what was meant to be a joke between two of them goes terribly wrong for the third, we see who everyone truly is. All the masks come off and the curtains are pulled back and laid bare is the truth.

I would say that my favorite part of this book is the way it’s written. Even though we are presented with the tired clique of stereotypical teenage characters, we get to slip into each of their minds over and over in the most delectable way. I became obsessed with Wink and then Poppy and then Midnight and then Wink – there wasn’t a character I necessarily disliked. I also couldn’t get enough of their personalities, their inner thoughts and feelings and emotional responses to the issues presented to them.

I will say that this read gets very dark though in certain places. There always seems to be a shadow cast over scenes that could otherwise be viewed as whimsical and peaceful. April Genevieve Tucholke did an amazing job taking an age-old clique and spinning it into an entirely different tale. The story over all screamed of authenticity in how the characters knew their small town and all it’s hidden paths and smoking spots and urban legends and haunted abandoned houses. I felt like I was there with them, I could smell the hay in the loft above the barn and hear the orphans laughing as they got into literally everything. That feeling alone made this book a great read for me. It’s one that I can see myself rereading and would recommend.

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