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Local Valentine’s Day Plans

I always have champagne and gravlax in the refrigerator, because you never know when you’re going to have a reason to celebrate – Marcus Samuelsson

There is a reason to celebrate the love you have with your significant other coming up in just a few short days.

Saint Valentine
Saint Valentine

Valentine’s Day is named for a Christian Martyr who was killed in the 3rd century. Valentine’s Day as we know it only dates back to the 5th century.  However, many scholars believe it is related to the pagan Roman’s festival of Lupercalia.

Regardless of its origins, we all agree that Valentine’s Day is the one day a year we all set aside to show our significant other how much they mean to us.  Usually, this requires a romantic dinner to their favorite restaurant.  As a result, I am writing this particular article.  We all know that there are many chain restaurants to take your sweetheart to this February 14.  However, here in the CSRA we have many locally owned restaurants that, excuse my language, kick the pants off of chain restaurants.

Try one of these amazing local places to get your romantic grub on.  There is a selection for every taste and pocket.
Dessert at Calvert’s

Calvert’s, is a long-time Augusta favorite.  They offer a delectable selection of appetizers and entrees. As well as an extensive wine selection, luscious desserts and exceptional, knowledgeable service in an elegant, low-key setting.

P.I. Bar & Grill at the Partridge Inn is the perfect place to enjoy a Valentine’s brunch.  They have earned their position in “Best of Augusta”.  Also with small groups of people eating here regularly this is one of Augusta’s hidden gems! Located on the second floor of the historic Partridge Inn, it is a cozy formal sit-down restaurant; the perfect place a lovely brunch for two.

Brunch at P.I. Bar and Grill

Edgar’s Grille – This modern and sleek establishment meets every expectation of a Five Star quality restaurant in both, presentation and taste. Above all, their open kitchen concept is completely new for Augusta.  The food experience is crafted by Culinary Artists and Waiters serving you extraordinarily from starter to desert. Available for lunch and dinner is a fine selection of mouth-watering meals prepared with local ingredients and organically grown produce.

Augustino’s – This pillar of the Augusta community is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The eating area is designed to be comfortable yet still offer a unique singular experience. The menu focuses on hearty, simple fare inspired by the food of Northern Italy.  The menu changes throughout the year, the staff is educated and friendly, the atmosphere is upscale with rich wood, modern accents and earth tones.

Ultimately there are dozens of places you could choose to have your special evening.  These descriptions are excerpts of the reviews on our Restaurant page.  There are many more reviews of local restaurants from sandwich counters to delicious dessert dives.  Make sure you take a look at the Restaurant Review section of our website.

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