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MWR Star – Ric Warbington

MWR Star is an initiative to recognize exemplary individuals in MWR.  People who go above and beyond to assist MWR customers and their co-workers. One individual is chosen each month to be featured as the star, spotlighting details about themselves, their position within MWR and why they were chosen.


Our June star is Mr. Ric Warbington from MIS.  He has been with MWR for over 16 years.  He was an emergency hire 2001 while he was finishing a degree at Augusta Tech.  MWR then extended his time for a second emergency hire period before committing Mr. Warbington full time in December 2001.  Ric is a key person in ensuring that our computers and electronics are working properly.  He is an Information Assurance Network Officer that maintains our DFMWR systems compliance for operating computers and servers on the NASE domain network and as a Systems Administrator he administers and maintains the file shares server for DFMWR activities, including backups for users’ personal files he also is very patient when he has a Help Desk question.  Ric is an Army Brat, raised all over the Southeast, wherever Dad was stationed, but calls Texas home mostly because that was where his Dad retired from the Army, where he graduated high school and where he enlisted in the Army in 1976. He retired from the Army here at Fort Gordon in 1997.  Ric is an all around nerd who loves to watch movies and is an avid computer gamer.

Mr. Warbington being the Computer Pro that he is encourages everyone to “write down that error message BEFORE you click Okay/Cancel, and then call MIS” and that Google can be your friend, but most of the time MIS has probably already found the answer for someone before you – and, if not, then they need to!

Ric’s favorite thing about working with MWR is helping and supporting DFMWR users. “I came to this job full of a lot of technical knowledge but a lot of what I learned on the job here AFTER I “knew it all” is the stuff that’s been most useful on just about every single day” Ric said in his interview.

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