This initiative has ended as of August 15, 2018.

MWR Summer Photo Contest

Submit your best summer themes military life photo for a chance to win a Photography Gift Package!

This military life themed contest includes four categories:

  • MWR Events/Programs
  • MWR Facilities
  • Military Family Gatherings/Vacations
  • Active Duty Life

Prize is valued at over $350!

Please submit up to 5 entries using the submission form below.

For more information, please call 706-791-6779, or leave a comment below.

Photo Submission Form:

(Opening 15 Jul 2018 and closing 15 Aug 2018)


  1. Hello! I was wondering what format you prefer photos to be submitted? Also do you want photos labeled with what specific categories they’re for?

  2. Hi, just wondering if there is a confirmation notification once we have submitted our photos? I wanted to be certain you received them. Thanks!

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