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Pita Pit

4339 Washington Road | 706-364-0145









The Pita Pit is a family restaurant where you sit in a booth or at a table and eat your meal or take it to go. The floors and restrooms are very clean. They have Happy Hour everyday from 4:00 to 7:00pm , WI-FI and the latest coke beverage machine that has over 50 flavors of soda. This restaurant also has a party catering service too. While I was waiting on my meal I looked at the rating from the Health/ Food Inspector and they received a 100 rating. They even provide a phone-in ordering service for pick up. The only thing that I didn’t like about the restaurant was that the staff didn’t have on any name badges to identify themselves. When asked why, Mr. Mervin stated “that was a good question and he would mention it to the owner who is his father”. While I was talking to Mervin I also started a conversation with Jose whose father is stationed here at Fort Gordon. They were very friendly and polite. I would recommend this restaurant to my friends and I will go back again.

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