Army Family Action Plan

Got a great idea?  See something that needs to be changed?  Then here’s your chance!

The Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) solicits input from Soldiers and Families, seeks to find solutions, and, when appropriate, forwards issues up the chain of command. To submit your issue, please complete the online AFAP Issue Form  or print our AFAP Issue Form and drop off at Army Community Service.  There is also a Teen AFAP Issue Form available where issues will get discussed during the annual Teen AFAP Conference.

We need volunteers to serve as facilitators, recorders, delegates, and conference staff.  If you’re interested, contact ACS at 706-791-3579.

AFAP works!  Since 1983, AFAP has been the driving force behind 128 pieces of legislation, 184 policy changes (DoD and DA) and 210 improved programs and services.  Take a look at some of the changes made by AFAP:

  • FY09 National Defense Authorization Act
    • Paternity leave
    • Chiropractic treatment for active duty
    • Professional weight allowance for military spouses
  • Post 9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008
    • Distribution of Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) benefits to dependents
    • MGIB for Veterans Education Assistance Program Era Soldiers
    • MGIB expiration date
  • No more social security numbers of military ID cards
  • Local AFAP success stories
    • EFMP chair lift at pool
    • Boundless playground
    • Dog park
    • Installation of ADA compliant automated doors at SFAC