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Financial Readiness

Financial Readiness offers a wide range of services to individual soldiers and to units. For the individual, assistance is available for preparing detailed budgets or in developing strategies for improved financial stability. Soldiers who are anticipating a PCS move, a deployment, marriage, or who are expecting a baby could benefit from our training or individual counseling.

AIT students needing a budget prepared in order to move off-post must register and attend the Money Matters class. Please call 791-1922/1918 to register. The class is held in Building 28320 on Lane  Avenue, in the FMWR computer lab.  Bring your most recent end-of-month LES, a list of your debts and monthly expenses, and your off-post packet issued by your unit.

Be sure to contact our office if you have a consumer issue or want to make a complaint.

Our office also assists units in providing financial and consumer training. Classes are available on checking account management, the ABC’s of credit, credit reports and credit scoring, insurance, car buying, identity theft, and budgeting. To request a class, please call (706) 791-0844/1918.

Soldiers in the ranks E1-E4 who are arriving with Fort Gordon as the first permanent duty station must complete budget counseling during inprocessing.  Registration is required at 706-791-1922.    In order to expedite this process, please complete our online budget.  A copy of your budget will automatically be sent to our financial readiness staff.

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