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Mobilization & Deployment

ACS services for Soldier and Family readiness fall into three categories: Mobilization, Deployment, and Support Stability Operations, Family Readiness Groups, and Military Resilience Training.

Mobilization, Deployment, and Stability and Support Operations

OPERATION R.E.A.D.Y. (Resources for Education About Deployment and You) is a training program designed to provide Commanders/Rear Detachment Commanders, unit Family Readiness Assets (Family Readiness Group Leaders, Family Readiness Liaisons and Family Readiness Support Assistants) with tools to assist them through all phases of deployment.

Training includes:

  • Deployment Planning
  • Homecoming/Reunion
  • Coping with Separation
  • Emergency Family Assistance Center
  • Care Team Training
  • Trauma in the Unit

R.E.A.L. (Readiness Essentials for Army Leaders) is for Command Teams, Family Readiness Liaisons, FRG Leaders, and other key FRG volunteers (Key Contacts & Informal Fund Custodians).   The training program focuses on Family Readiness mission, operations, roles and functions, and resources for support.

Family Readiness Group (FRG) Foundations -Commander Training -FRG Leader Training -Key Contact Training -Family Readiness Liaison (FRL) Training

Deployment Buddies Program – Youth to Youth Mentor Program that pairs older students with younger students to mentor and share experiences on how to deal with deployments.   Criteria for students to mentor includes; they must have a parent who is deployed, will deploy within 3-6 months or recently returned from deployment. Youth will meet monthly and participate in a wide variety of activities.   Operation Military Kids (OMK) program materials designed to assist youth cope with deployment will be used.  Freedom Park Elementary School is the pilot location. Interested parents should notify teachers of the Soldier’s absence and request student participation in the program.

Pre and Post Deployment Guides


Family Readiness Groups

The Virtual Family Readiness Group (vFRG) Web Site provides all the functionality of a traditional FRG in an online setting. The vFRG website is the Army’s online tool to provide FRG information to spouses. Soldiers must register spouses or other Family members under the unit website within the vFRG to allow access.

Resilience Training

Family members play a significant role in a Soldier’s life by supporting their resilience and well-being. Family members now have the opportunity to participate in the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness (CSF) program by taking the Revised Family Global Assessment Tool (GAT) and self-development modules. The GAT is available to family members registered in DEERS. They can log on from any computer with internet connection at The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. All spouses are encouraged to take the GAT.