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Outreach Needs Survey

Our goal is to be able to use this information to assess if the needs of the Fort Gordon area residents and their families are being met. We request your assistance in helping us to identify any unmet needs and assist in the attempt to provide quality assurance programs for all persons affiliated with the FT Gordon and the surrounding area. This survey is optional and confidential.

Marital Status:*

1. Do the operating hours 0730-1600, M-F, meet your needs?* Yes No
2. Do you know where ACS is located?* Yes No
3. Length of time you have been in the Local Fort Gordon area:*
4. What type of program/workshop/training are you interested in? (Select all that apply).*
Employment Readiness Program:
Financial Readiness Program:
Volunteer Program:
Victim Advocacy:
Relocation Assistance Program:
Family Advocacy Program:
Exceptional Family Member Program:
New Parent Support:
Information Referral:
Outreach Program:
Mobilization & Deployments:
Army Emergency Relief:
5. Publicity:*
Please review the list below and reorder the items by dragging and dropping them to indicate from which of these sources you, your soldiers, and families are most frequently receiving information on community activities. The most frequent source should be on top.
  • Commanders Channel 2
  • Formations
  • FRG Meetings
  • FMWR FYI Magazine
  • Information Marquee/Kiosk
  • Community Calendar
  • Fort Gordon Globe Newspaper
  • Personal Mailings
  • Mayors Meeting
  • Flyers
  • Word of Mouth
  • Command Briefings
  • Other (Please List):
6. Do you have any ideas how we may increase awareness of all programs?*
7. What is the best method for ACS to get information to you? (Check all that apply)*
Flyers Bulletin Board Email Website Military Mailings
8. What is the best time for you to attend workshops?*
9. What Family & MWR, ACS programs would you like to see improved?*
10. Please list Family & MWR, ACS class topics or additional services/events which you feel are needed in the community:*
List the major stressors that face Soldiers, Spouses and Children during the following; Deployment, Garrison, Pre-deployment time periods, Separation, Holidays, Financial, Family Conflicts etc. Please add service suggestions, which might assist in decreasing stressors and increase self-reliance.

If you would like to be contacted regarding any of the above programs, please list your name, phone number, or email address and the program’s you are interested in. Otherwise, you may leave this area blank for confidentiality purposes. Thank you.