New Parent Support Program

Fort Gordon’s New Parent Support Program (NPSP) provides education and support services for expectant parents and those with children through the age of three. Experienced, licensed clinical social workers provide NPSP services here at Fort Gordon. We have extensive experience working with Families with young children and are sensitive to the unique challenges our military Families face. The NPSP program integrates an array of preventive education services and activities that promote the involvement of both parents.

NPSP supports an Army Family’s adaption to military life and provides knowledge and skills that promote healthy Family interactions. NPSP is a voluntary program that helps Families form healthy relationships, provide safe and nurturing environments for children, and encourage formal and informal support networks. Some of the services we provide most frequently include:

  • Home visits provide the Family an opportunity to meet with a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and learn about topics including pregnancy, prenatal/postnatal care, infant and child development, and potty training.
  • Tots and Toddlers Playgroup is a way for parents to connect with others, provide a safe environment for children’s play, and learn effective techniques for redirecting unwanted behaviors.
  • ZUMBINI is “part Zumba-part baby” and is facilitated by a certified instructor.  It is an opportunity for parents and children to bond, connect with other families, sing, dance, and learn.
  • The Story Time Series assists parents in introducing books, reading, and imaginative play to their children.
  • Groups and classes include our Breastfeeding Support Group, Baby Basics, Dads 101, and Screamfree Parenting.
  • Hospital visits provide support, education, and outreach to any hospital within the CSRA.

We can work with anyone who is expecting or has at least one child through the age of three! You do NOT have to be a first-time parent to engage with us.